Apartment and Condominium Painting Solutions, LLC
Project Tracking System

Apartment & Condominium Painting Solutions, LLC takes the time to create an individualized email account for each property, named after the property. Residents, tenants and management can opt in to receive our system's daily updates, providing a higher level of communication and transparency between ACPS Painting and its many resident/tenant-clients. 

To become listed and receive our project tracking updates, property members respond to our tenant notifications and indicate whether they are interested in this service. We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of project communication and information, but are also aware not to pass these notices to those who do not opt in. 

Our emails list: detailed progress checks of where we are in the community or project site, our tentative plans for the next day (assuming there is no inclement weather), what residents or tenants need to do to be prepared, pictures of in-progress and completed work, and site maps indicating where and when we are expected to reach a specific part of the project or community.  

This added benefit to the management is the ability to monitor the progress of the job with fewer on-site visits.
 ACPS Painting will email Community management and those subscribed to receive daily project updates by 7pm of each working day.

Each resident will have the opportunity to receive emails if they so choose.  Additionally, an email archive will be stored by ACPS Painting so that the Community Management and the Property Management will be able to gain access to the information for future reference if needed.

peppermintfarms@acpspainting.com would be the address a community member living at Peppermint Farms Condo Association would receive a daily email from, for example.

Click below to see examples of our communications:

Example Email,     Site Map,      
Weekly Project Schedule,   Tenant Notification