Apartment and Condominium Painting Solutions, LLC
Value Added

Apartment and Condominium Painting Solutions, LLC offers a wide range of value added services for each project in addition to our professional painting services:

Digital Computer Color Matching: Any color can be matched by our computer experts.  All we need is a sample chip of the color of your choice, and we will bring you the sample in the paint finish you choose.

Color Imaging: Imagine viewing your property with a different color scheme before painting it. ACPS Painting is able to virtually show you what your Apartment Community, Condominium Association, Office Complex, or Commercial Property would look like in many different color schemes.  Our talented personnel are well versed in popular color combinations, and would be happy to suggest something for you.  For more info on this exciting feature please follow this link to our Color Imaging page.

Project Tracking System: Allows the Management Company, Property Manager, Facility Manager, Construction Manager, Resident, or Tenant to track the daily progress of the project by direct nightly email.  Email may include maps of the community with color shading progress charts, and ETAs of where we will be painting on the project over the following days. For more information please follow this link to our Project Tracking System page.

Tenant Notification:  ACPS Painting will place notifications upon tenant doors and community information boards. We like to give our clients as much information as possible to the upcoming improvement of their community. This includes: how to prepare, time frame of work, common questions/concerns, and areas to be painted so tenants know what to expect.

Facebook: ACPS Painting is an innovative company that is bridging painting and technology together. Our Facebook page allows users to easily see and add customer comments, view pictures of past projects, and track the exciting growth of our company.  By “friending” us, property managers,  facility mangers, etc. can view new events, chat with us on day to day activities, and read comments/reviews from previous clients.  To like or friend us on Facebook, visit: http://www.facebook.com/acps.painting.

Twitter: ACPS Painting knows Twitter is a growing phenomenon, and we want to be a part of that craze to attract a larger audience and be available to non-Facebook users. Just in case you want to know where we are, what we are doing, or what we will do next, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter. To follow us, visit: http://twitter.com/ACPSPainting

Linked In: Now anyone in the property management industry can 'follow' our page for updates, leave references and recommendations, and see who we've been working with. Also a great place for job seekers to get in touch with us. To follow us, please visit www.linkedin.com/company/acps-painting

We feel that these value added services give the customer more options/opportunities to gather pertinent project information and stay informed.  More importantly, it is integral to our customer service approach to make sure that each individual can actively see that their opinion matters.